fr mike schmitz catechism in a year

fr mike schmitz catechism in a year

Fr. Mike Schmitz, a popular Catholic priest and speaker, has been making waves with his ‘Catechism in a Year’ series.

Breaking Records

The series, which features Fr. Schmitz diving into the teachings of the Catholic Church in short, daily videos, has quickly gained a massive following.

With each video providing a clear and concise explanation of a different aspect of the Catechism, viewers have been able to deepen their understanding of their faith in a digestible format.

Reaching a Wider Audience

Fr. Schmitz’s engaging and relatable style has resonated with viewers of all ages, leading to the series breaking records for online viewership.

Many viewers have praised the series for making complex theological concepts easy to understand, and for inspiring them to dive deeper into their faith.

Growing in Popularity

As the series continues to gain traction, more and more people are joining in on the journey through the Catechism.

Fr. Schmitz’s commitment to helping Catholics grow in their knowledge and love of their faith has cemented the ‘Catechism in a Year’ series as a must-watch for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Catholic teachings.

Overall, Fr. Mike Schmitz’s ‘Catechism in a Year’ series has broken records and captured the hearts of viewers around the world, proving that quality catechesis can be both accessible and engaging.