saint anthony

saint anthony

Saint Anthony was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195 and entered the Augustinian Order at a young age.

A change of heart

After seeing the bodies of five Franciscan martyrs, Saint Anthony decided to join the Franciscan Order and devote his life to serving God.

A preacher and healer

Saint Anthony is known for his powerful preaching and miraculous healings, earning him the title of “Wonder Worker.”

The patron saint of lost causes

saint anthony

Saint Anthony is often called upon to help find lost objects or lost causes, as he is believed to have the power to intercede on behalf of those in need.

Miraculous events

Throughout his lifetime, Saint Anthony performed numerous miracles, including bringing the dead back to life and miraculously healing the sick.

Legacy and devotion

Saint Anthony’s legacy lives on through the devotion of millions of followers who continue to pray to him for help in times of need.