synod on synodality

synod on synodality

Church leaders from around the world have gathered in Rome for a historic Synod on Synodality.

Leaders from different countries and denominations are coming together to discuss the future of the Catholic Church.

This Synod is significant as it focuses on the concept of synodality, which is the practice of communal decision-making within the Church.

Pope Francis has called for this Synod as a way to promote dialogue and collaboration among all members of the Church.

Participants will discuss ways to empower local communities and increase transparency within the Church.

The Synod will also address important issues such as the role of women in leadership positions and the inclusion of marginalized groups.

By coming together for this Synod, Church leaders hope to create a more inclusive and participatory Church for the future.

Ultimately, this gathering signifies a new era of collaboration and unity within the Catholic Church.